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The offer we’ve made you requires action to claim your FREE BONUS, and has a 72 hour expiration window (see bonus expiration timer at bottom of page).

We’re giving you direct access to the brains BEHIND the product itself. At no additional cost, you have the opportunity to access two 1-hour Q&A calls with guys who’ve been driving forces behind millions of dollars of revenue generated and capital raised at companies they’ve worked for and worked with, in their respective areas of expertise.

You’ll have access to not one, but TWO (2) one hour, recorded video group Q&A calls, with the guys who are the driving force behind COPY>PASTE>SELL…guys who each charge over $1000/hr for client consulting…guys who will be answering question after question, submitted directly by our clients, about growing their businesses.



Chris Davis personally created ALL the visual workflows, and also personally integrated ALL the sales automation tools used in the COPY>PASTE>SELL “Reciprocity Funnel” from scratch…in TWO WEEKS FLAT.

Chris is a celebrated, nationally-recognized expert, and a living legend in the world of marketing and sales automation. He serves as a strategic advisor for start-up companies looking to grow quickly, using proven marketing and sales automation strategies

During his time as Director of Education for ActiveCampaign, Chris drove growth through:

  • Expansion from 56 employees to 400+ within 3 years, personally onboarding over 300 of those employees (8x growth) 
  • $20 million in investment capital raised within first 2 months working with the company
  • Revenue growth from less than $10 million in annual recurring revenue to over $77 million in annual recurring revenue in less than 3 years


During his time as Head of Marketing Automation for Leadpages, Chris was a driving force behind the company creating:

  • $1 million in monthly recurring revenue, within his first 2 months working with the company
  • $37 million in investment capital raised in 3 rounds of funding, within 2 years of his arrival



Thomas K.R. Stovall architected the entire COPY>PASTE>SELL Sales Automation System, including the Intention Mastery “Reciprocity Funnel.” He also personally wrote every word in all the automated email sequences and scopes of work that are at the foundation of the product, using the process that IS the COPY>PASTE>SELL product, to CREATE the COPY>PASTE>SELL product itself.

Thomas is an author, a sought after speaker and facilitator, a Google Entrepreneur in Residence, the founder of an enterprise microfeedback company, and the creator of an organization that catalyzes growth for entrepreneurs, with almost 6000 people in the membership network across 16 countries, who have raised + generated over $415 million dollars in their companies.

As the Founder of Intention Mastery, Thomas’ online courses and group training programs, along with his 90-minute problem/solution think tanks, teach entrepreneurs and business leaders practical ways to quickly close gaps between intentions, deliberate actions, and measurable outcomes, to make bottom line revenue predictable, and amplify growth in their companies.




  • This is a ONE-TIME OFFER for this particular free bonus, you will not get it again
  • We check every single referral that comes through, so submitting a secondary email for yourself, or a phony email for a referral is the fastest way to get removed and banned for good from our email list. Remember…we’re curating a community of ETHICAL entrepreneurs
  • Your time frame to make your referral and get the Q&A bonus package began with your submission of the Master Class registration form, and expires in 72 hours
  • You must complete your own Master Class video within the 72 hour time frame allotted for complimentary access
  • DO NOT refer someone with whom you don’t have a CLOSE AND TRUSTED personal relationship. They should be friends, colleagues, clients, partners, etc with whom you have a PERSONAL, TRUSTED relationship
  • Your referral must CURRENTLY be a part-time or full-time entrepreneur who is already generating revenue in their business
  • Your referral should be a subject matter expert who ALREADY spends time in the front of rooms and on stages training clients and colleagues, and ALREADY has an email list and a social media following, and ALREADY has clients who pay them well, and ALREADY has an online course that is published and available for purchase
  • Your referral should be an entrepreneur who you believe would resonate with the broader vision and mission of what the Intention Mastery community of entrepreneurs stands for
  • If you don’t feel comfortable making a referral, or if you don’t have a close personal relationship with anyone in your circle who would be a fit, that’s fine, this particular bonus just isn’t for you