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Our core suite of Intention Mastery group training programs, online courses, master classes and challenges for business owners focuses on resource-based planning, deliberate goal setting, attraction-based marketing and sales funnel design, sales automation, and designing internal processes to produce consistent measurable outcomes, directly aligned with the personal and professional goals of company leadership.



Intention Mastery is a logistics focused business curriculum that trains process-driven entrepreneurs in a practical, grounded approach to making revenue growth predictable.

Intention Mastery business amplification programs are designed and executed inside of a comprehensive methodology called Amplified Growth Planning. Amplified Growth Planning provides an efficient business framework that streamlines and coordinates the process of:

  • 1) Resource-based planning
  • 2) Defining measurable personal and business goals and associated benchmarks
  • 3) Launching a new product, service, business or business unit effectively
  • 4) Shortening and systematizing sales cycles
  • 5) Blueprinting all business functions from marketing, to sales, to daily work and fulfillment, to qualified reporting, review and assessment of intentions vs outcomes day by day, week by week, month by month, quarter by quarter
  • 6) Creating substantial traction and business growth with a fraction of the traditional spend in advertising dollars

One of the most important components of Amplified Growth Planning is a focus on the business owner and leadership team clarifying and creating a detailed articulation of the ultimate outcomes they wish to achieve in every area of life that matters to them, including but not limited to their business. With this focus, their business can be built to support their ideal life, as articulated by them.

Our comprehensive Business Amplification system trains seasoned business owners running high 6- to mid 7-figure companies in the practical application of our Amplified Growth Planning methodology in their business.

This business structure, process and train of thought guides the leadership of a company in the creation and implementation of its own unique Amplified Growth Strategies for exponential growth and increased efficiency.

Our training programs are built to re-wire the consistent thinking and actions of the leadership of a company into an “articulate the next action” orientation. The leadership of a company must first define the ultimate outcome that the company has defined as its desired goal.

Focus always remains on articulating the one next major outcome that is the highest priority for the business, and the one next action that is necessary to move toward completion of that outcome, while always truing the thinking, speaking, planning, and actions of leadership and employees up to the “ultimate outcome,” before moving on to the one next most important action.

The crux of Amplified Growth Planning is developing unique Amplified Growth Strategies for one’s business. An Amplified Growth Strategy is an approach to exponential business expansion that utilizes viral, word of mouth and/or membership marketing principles, along with strategic partnerships with individuals and organizations that are “centers of influence” in a particular industry, and/or area. This Amplified Growth business model for a company is designed to:

  • 1) Incite exponential business growth quickly
  • 2) Create high margins with a fraction of the traditional spend in advertising dollars
  • 3) Increase revenues while decreasing spend in cash and human capital operating expenses

An Amplified Growth Strategy takes into consideration current resources, business identity, customer focus, revenue projections, processes for marketing, sales, daily management of projects and people, internal assessment, identifying strategic partnerships, and other key business management areas vital for any new or existing business to get and keep ideal customers, employees and other valuable business connections over time.

The result is an “attraction-based” approach to marketing and sales, coupled with highly efficient process management, project management, and people management structures, grounded inside of a consistent and objective approach to constant assessment of intentions vs outcomes.

Distinct from a one-dimensional focus on getting customers to yes at all costs, Intention Mastery trains business owners to focus on getting their customers to choice as quickly as possible. This means that in service of one’s customers, and one’s own aims, there are some potential customers who ought say no, and others who, if we’re really honest with ourselves, we know that we ought to preemptively decline to work with them and decline to accept their money, because the engagement is simply not an appropriate fit for whatever reason.

A customer attraction focused approach is designed to weed out those who are not a yes quickly, by narrowing the “possibilities,” and in our marketing, messaging, and sales process, speaking ONLY to the exact target customer we serve, instead of trying to be all things to all potential customers. This highly focused marketing and sales process creates a pipeline full of potential clients and customers saying “I can’t wait to learn more…” vs “Convince me why I should care.


From strategic podcasting, to online course sales, to getting paid 4- to 5-figures for 60 minutes speaking on stage, to producing profitable live events, each SME blueprint in the COPY>PASTE & CO. system has an accompanying mobile responsive website template that we built from scratch, specifically customized for our system.

Lead generation tools are already built into the framework, and each site is designed and developed inside of our “attraction-based” marketing and sales philosophy, for optimum conversion, without you needing to know the first thing about effective marketing or sales.

We’ve provided some live examples of each of our mobile responsive website templates below.

Contact us at: Grow@IntentionMastery.com to learn more about how you can purchase one of our website templates.