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You will be given 2 options after watching this video...

After you watch the Master Class video, if and ONLY IF you received the level of value that we promise you will receive from the Master Class, you can pay us for the actual cost of the Master Class, which is $197.

If you don’t feel like the Master Class was worth $197, pay us nothing. Does that feel like a fair exchange?


Option 1: If it was worth $197, pay for the class when the payment button pops up at the end of the video

Option 2: If you don’t think the Master Class was worth $197, don’t pay us a thing

If you get the value and pay

We’ll know that you may be someone who would get value from deeper dive Intention Mastery programs. You’ll then have the options to either:

Apply to consider and be considered for participation in our full Growth Control group training program for entrepreneurs

Reserve the right to apply in the future for our full Growth Control group training program for entrepreneurs, when the financial or time commitment are a better fit for you

If you feel that the Master Class was not worth $197

And opt to not pay, we will take that as an indication that you considering and being considered for Intention Mastery programs is not a mutual fit.

We will accept your decline, and out of consideration for your time, as well as our own, we will respectfully remove you from our subscriber list and not consider you for participation in future Intention Mastery programs

If a person gets the value and still decides not to pay, we love it. In that case, our $197 investment in them was worthwhile, ensuring that our membership base stays well-curated with entrepreneurs who move in a highly ethical way, and believe that relationships are built through reciprocal exchange of value for value.

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